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Please Remember, Water is a Precious Resource.

Conserve and Protect the Water Supply



Harvest-Monrovia Water, Sewer and Fire Protection Authority was formed August 2, 1965 to operate and maintain a water system to supply water for domestic use in the Harvest- Monrovia area of Madison County, Alabama. In 2002, the Board decided it was time for the Authority to start providing sewer service to certain locations in the Harvest-Monrovia service area. In March of 2003, the name was changed to Harvest-Monrovia Water, Sewer and Fire Protection Authority, Inc.

The Authority has grown from 700 original customers to over 16,000 water meters and a population of approximately 48,000. From being able to pump one million gallons of water per day with two wells to being able to treat 13 million gallons of water per day with 2 water treatment plants, 8 wells to supply water and from 2 Employees to 42 at the present time.

The Authority is controlled by a Board of Directors appointed by the Madison County Commission to serve a 6 year term. The Board meets every Second Tuesday of the Month at 1:30PM at 9131 Wall-Triana Hwy, Harvest, Alabama 35749 . The meeting is open to the Customers and Public, however, the Authority asks if you wish to address the Board with a concern please call 2 weeks before the meeting to be placed on the agenda to address the Board . This allows the meeting to progress in a timely and orderly manner.

The Authority is here to serve this Community with high quality potable water and excellent service at an affordable price.